Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - C.E.O of BARGE Co.

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - C.E.O of BARGE Co. Grian is back on the hermitcraft server with a new diamond making idea!
#hermitcraft #minecraft
Noteblock intro by ZL: usloft.info/will/koLKsJ6piIOanJk/video


  1. no one

    no one54 minutes ago

    It'd be cool to find out Grian gave a nice monetary gift to the designer of the launcher.

  2. Haije Hiemstra

    Haije HiemstraHour ago

    Make your cubicle there

  3. Wesley Domont

    Wesley Domont3 hours ago

    Plot twist: grain is a cyborg

  4. Kathia Madrid

    Kathia Madrid6 hours ago

    Why was there a vindicator while he was mining 😂

  5. Julio Fernando Gudino

    Julio Fernando Gudino6 hours ago

    Why don't you at the end of the roller-coaster you put your head saying... CONGRATS YOU HAVE FINISHED GRIANS ROLLER COASTERS HOPE YOU HAD FUN. Something like that

  6. Animals and More

    Animals and More7 hours ago

    No the secretary

  7. 1ts GooB

    1ts GooB7 hours ago

    You could put a boat on a minecart so that the players could go faster if they'd so please.

  8. Jameson Listner

    Jameson Listner7 hours ago

    Better late than never: Asking Grian to re-install the villager voices, day 6

  9. Kamura

    Kamura8 hours ago

    U should employ impulse

  10. Mike the Goo

    Mike the Goo11 hours ago

    NONONO, don't get employees. Keep it like this. I LOVE the trope with the village where one person does every job and just runs around, changing hats and pretending to be someone else, or just joing "I am also *insert job* GUY!"

  11. • lesser Turu •

    • lesser Turu •12 hours ago

    "Because *why not*"

  12. MoBroCraft12

    MoBroCraft1216 hours ago

    I love how the “Recording Grian” and the “Editing Grian” are different people, and how “Recording Grian” thinks “Editing Grian” is crazy!


    FUMBLE_PRIMERS16 hours ago


  14. Hauwau Ali

    Hauwau Ali17 hours ago

    A bank

  15. Vera Havili

    Vera Havili20 hours ago

    Hoping you chosen it

  16. Vera Havili

    Vera Havili20 hours ago

    A little map of hernitcraft thyme or hermitcraft chaos or all the bases

  17. Mr_Unusual_37

    Mr_Unusual_37Day ago

    Have a cheese themed area!!!!

  18. art with SENNY

    art with SENNYDay ago

    Dear Grian, If you have not yet gotten terribly far into the HCBBS thing I have an idea for one of the tunnels for whatever reason, I am very interested in seeing one of the tunnels that goes through a Grian mouth or for some random reason a Jelly mouth I am very late to this I know

  19. Chøcolate_Chip ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Chøcolate_Chip ʕ•ᴥ•ʔDay ago

    Looking at the maps, I feel like time really flies.

  20. Chøcolate_Chip ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Chøcolate_Chip ʕ•ᴥ•ʔDay ago

    You should get blast protection armour and put it in a chest next to the tnt elevator thing. Then at the top, make another chest so the armour can go back down with hoppers.

  21. Savage foox

    Savage fooxDay ago

    I know Make every different location someone’s base like a mini version

  22. Savage foox

    Savage fooxDay ago

    make a mini gamer where you look around a little world to find chests hand a 5min timer whatever that get from the chests they keep and you have pay to enter

  23. itsKatii

    itsKatiiDay ago

    u could do disneyor pesky birdthemed?

  24. kolim jone

    kolim joneDay ago

    I predict that the BdoubleO face brings another war

  25. xkevinx 01

    xkevinx 01Day ago

    Grian, you can make the sections like a ride through the server... Some hermits haven't seen other hermits bases. So showing them off in a ride could be a cool idea and it could help them to get s new look for a build or something.

  26. Bottle_of_air YT

    Bottle_of_air YTDay ago

    Finally grian built a bridge between the two towers Hopefully the next war on hermircraft is in aqua town

  27. kolim jone

    kolim joneDay ago

    Bdubs original face can be found outside the window of Scar's office.

  28. dexiffyGrif

    dexiffyGrifDay ago

    I would like to see a Star Wars themed room

  29. Corban Kyle

    Corban KyleDay ago

    cart ride: make it a bit of everyones base

  30. Airsled

    AirsledDay ago

    It’s crazy to think it’s already been a year into this season damn time flies

  31. Filip S

    Filip SDay ago

    “I think I need some employees” did he just forget all about impulse?

  32. despasito oldtownroad

    despasito oldtownroadDay ago

    You are 100 times better than me at redstone

  33. ofoo

    ofooDay ago

    Get this to the top, so Grian can see it! Basically, my idea for the themed minigame is that in each segment is something major/'phase' happening on the server (Mycelium Resistance, Hermit challenges, tag 2, mumbo for mayor, etc).

  34. aiden burchat

    aiden burchatDay ago

    i was looking for a 911 joke but could find it so lets go on that plane give me your best jokes

  35. LightningKE4

    LightningKE4Day ago

    Grian Is so rich he uses diamond blocks into beacon pyramids

  36. plkmnjb vcvbhjuopn bvbhjkp[] ;klmnjb bvhjub bnmjkl

    plkmnjb vcvbhjuopn bvbhjkp[] ;klmnjb bvhjub bnmjklDay ago

    you hav a amazing babey boy

  37. Zachary McMinn

    Zachary McMinnDay ago

    I don’t know if I’m too late but I think you should make like a rainbow bit in the h.c.b.b.s pleaseeeee

  38. CHR

    CHRDay ago

    6:06 when you tell your grandpa a cheesy joke:

  39. Adrian Eatz

    Adrian EatzDay ago

    do a bdubz head theme for the roller coaster

  40. Boomkruncher325 Zzshred

    Boomkruncher325 ZzshredDay ago

    Use Hermitcraft Timelapse Music for the H.C.B.B.S.? Timelapses are wild rides, so they'd be the perfect backdrop for a rollercoaster!

  41. CurlyFrys

    CurlyFrysDay ago

    I’m not sure if anyone else thought of this but the roller coaster could be the history of the barge

  42. Rocco Connelly

    Rocco ConnellyDay ago

    grian went through all the stages of grief in this video. griefan

  43. Patrick Keller

    Patrick KellerDay ago

    Bdubs original face can be found outside the window of Scar's office.

  44. Theorist

    TheoristDay ago

    "I am a real human being after all" well I thought so... but

  45. WowThatsFair

    WowThatsFairDay ago

    Am I tripping or is the coal upside down? 17:43 pause the video and pay attention to the coal for a sec pls I might be going insane

  46. xDreXzx

    xDreXzxDay ago

    That map really impressed me cause i dont understand how maps work .

  47. Noah Schumann

    Noah SchumannDay ago

    Is it just me, or did the Grian head looked like a pastry?

  48. Yael Fierro

    Yael FierroDay ago

    That disc is amazing I couldn't stopped laughing

  49. DistortedDan

    DistortedDanDay ago


  50. Wacky Jacky

    Wacky JackyDay ago

    You should make a war themed room!

  51. AshDoesStuff613

    AshDoesStuff613Day ago

    no grian, you dont get the right to be a human. you must make us videos. Never EVER be a real human. lol im kidding

  52. Ostler_Sparkz

    Ostler_SparkzDay ago

    Could you do a video on your setup like if u wanna see

  53. Elliot Flint

    Elliot FlintDay ago

    What does Etho smell like this time?

  54. Memer 2020

    Memer 2020Day ago

    0:19 and then the meme was born..

  55. Charzilla_

    Charzilla_Day ago

    I haven't seen any comments about it but Grian building and spending time with Barryboss was very nice

  56. Alastair Moodie

    Alastair MoodieDay ago

    2:21 Snape, Snape, Severus Snape

  57. Jayden Paulino-Pinero

    Jayden Paulino-PineroDay ago

    Is it me or does he sound like Ice King

  58. Flame

    FlameDay ago

    If you have watched 72 20 minute hermitcraft videos from grian you have now watched 24 hours of grian.

  59. Anna Ong

    Anna OngDay ago

    *sweep* lol yes u r very rich :)

  60. Anna Ong

    Anna OngDay ago

    maybe just *too* rich nothings *too* rich!

  61. Sharknado2113gaming

    Sharknado2113gamingDay ago

    some ideas a dimand scandaler room and a boat room and last a creepy grian room

  62. Ayyan -Gaming

    Ayyan -GamingDay ago

    Btw that elevator is the opposite of a armor destroyer lol

  63. Evil Ninja

    Evil NinjaDay ago

    Theme idea Snow town

  64. Mr Minerria

    Mr MinerriaDay ago

    Have different mini biomes Like jungle then snow then ocean and the items in those zones are semi related to the mini biome it’s in

  65. Adventures of FNaF and More!

    Adventures of FNaF and More!Day ago

    Honestly I would hive everything and I mean everything to be on hermitcraft for 1 season. But I only have bedrock 😥

  66. Ok

    OkDay ago

    I think a cool theme for the mini game could be like a pesky bird theme or something lol

  67. Dennex 114

    Dennex 114Day ago

    wow the house was made on my bday lol

  68. Blazing Hoppa

    Blazing HoppaDay ago

    How about a moustache themed area ?

  69. Flubby Bubby

    Flubby BubbyDay ago

    Grian: "What's that mysterious ticking noise?" My brain: "IT'S A PIPE BOMB-"

  70. Ilias Filip

    Ilias FilipDay ago

    Please make a Star Wars themed one

  71. raccoon.avi

    raccoon.aviDay ago

    was that a potter puppet pals reference?

  72. Landon Fisher

    Landon FisherDay ago

    Please put Jurassic park theme in it some where!

  73. Pumpkin Plays

    Pumpkin PlaysDay ago

    Your the type of youtuber that douse not upload every day... I love that! It makes it so much more rare and cool!

  74. Pumpkin Plays

    Pumpkin PlaysDay ago

    Pls do a floating barge of can have like sky items like trident elytra etc

  75. Artyraven

    ArtyravenDay ago

    The make a wish scene actually almost made me cry. I’m not even overreacting here that’s so beautiful. Good job Grian

  76. Josefina Wightmore

    Josefina WightmoreDay ago

    You could make a mysilium part in the tunnel where the only loot is mysilium and mushrooms

  77. Mystical Apple

    Mystical AppleDay ago

    Barge Co. is literally becoming Disney. Buying out other successful shops, building a theme park, building barge-themed offices-- Ima be quite surprised if it doesn't own the entire shopping district by the end of the season

  78. Elijah RAMSELL

    Elijah RAMSELLDay ago

    Jurrasic world is 👍

  79. -•{ Black Owl }•-

    -•{ Black Owl }•-Day ago

    Jungle, dancing parrots, volcano, a mine (diamonds, iron, emeralds, stone), a mini version of your barge HQ, and grian the maid (from season 6, iskalls kill chamber)

  80. stat Liekens

    stat LiekensDay ago


  81. red gorilla lamp

    red gorilla lampDay ago

    I have a Theme Idea where the theme could roughly represent the value of the items in the shulker boxes for example: bad items (less useful blocks): dirt, sand; highly valuable items (elytras, armors, diamonds, etc.): diamonds, netherite blocks. You could also make themes like "The Desert Temple" where it would have similar items to the desert temple.

  82. NegativeOxy - Minecraft Survivors

    NegativeOxy - Minecraft SurvivorsDay ago

    survivor theme like the TV Show

  83. jomy10

    jomy10Day ago

    Ask Etho to make a noteblock song for the rollercoaster!

  84. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonDay ago

    Wehn karen comes in Barge tower: I would like to speak to the manager Grian switching seats I am the manager.

  85. Constantin Holban

    Constantin HolbanDay ago

    Grian should build Sachs stage of the barge rollercoaster based on every hermit's base.

  86. Jar Jar Binks

    Jar Jar Binks2 days ago

    Lesson of the week: Wear a fucking chestplate lols. This will reduce tnt damage a hella lot

  87. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonDay ago

    Theme: PESKY BIRD

  88. KB Minecraft

    KB Minecraft2 days ago

    Maybe add a mini grian mansion in the game

  89. Jordan Owens

    Jordan Owens2 days ago

    you could do a going through time theme where on a certain segment you split it into different times (like wandavision)

  90. Linus Jansson

    Linus Jansson2 days ago

    nobody is born cool. except of course: barryboss1234

  91. 4O1k kraken

    4O1k kraken2 days ago

    იit can be a spooky abandon theme park theme

  92. Sune Lindhe

    Sune Lindhe2 days ago

    My Theme is a minechaft

  93. Willy Nilly Lilly

    Willy Nilly Lilly2 days ago

    Honestly i think it'd be pretty cool to use the hermits different bases

  94. Sports Sports

    Sports Sports2 days ago


  95. Venomous Waffle

    Venomous Waffle2 days ago

    I thought it would be hermit craft big barge sale, one word off

  96. Jrlopez

    Jrlopez2 days ago

    Theme idea: An underground barge themed storage/farm area, it’ll be like the barge has a little underground complex for stocking it up, like for example you could build a little tree area with tnt scattered about to make it look like that’s where you get your logs from, or an underground desert that’s visibly dug out. It’ll even make sense, why else would those shulker boxes full of stuff be down there?

  97. ArchieSummers YT

    ArchieSummers YT2 days ago

    You could do a superhero phase

  98. Hoodie Master Games

    Hoodie Master Games2 days ago

    For the roller coaster, you could do like a monster has destroyed the barge and there are bits of the structure and shulker boxes floating around and in the end it all comes back to the complete barge, do what you will with this idea. THANKS

  99. GeocatWizard

    GeocatWizard2 days ago

    Grian, " you need armor, YOU NEED ARMOR, BAIL!" Scar, "tell them how I went" *evaporation*

  100. Xion Flame Cipher x-•

    Xion Flame Cipher x-•2 days ago

    All the technoblade fans:"chuckles" don't worry about uploading once a week or 2

  101. Elena Fiol

    Elena Fiol2 days ago

    The different themes for the ride could be scenes from all the different wars, groups, and secret societies (poultry mans cave/Sherlock Holmes/etc.) that took place through every season.

  102. theAstarrr

    theAstarrr2 days ago

    20:19 I don't know why this is so perfect

  103. RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More

    RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More2 days ago

    Theme: PESKY BIRD