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  1. Kylie Nielsen

    Kylie Nielsen5 hours ago

    Just to remind you guys, Grian can fly thought 1×1 holes

  2. iUnanimous

    iUnanimous5 hours ago

    Cant forget the couple hundred diamond chandeliers..

  3. Nils Bazan

    Nils Bazan5 hours ago

    hold up I believe that those answers to Etho's island thing might be incorrect but I don't want to be a nitpicker so carry on

  4. Doozie YT

    Doozie YT5 hours ago

    I dont think its a barge anymore... Its more an emporium... that is somehow floating... somehow....

  5. Sepia Smith

    Sepia Smith5 hours ago

    The double bamboozling has been my favorite trend of Season 7 1:21 OH IT _WAS_ YOU HAHAHAHA

  6. raiden playz

    raiden playz6 hours ago

    Am i the only one that remembers paul the pupper fish

  7. Henos Animations

    Henos Animations6 hours ago

    I will work in your office

  8. NemesisGaming

    NemesisGaming6 hours ago

    hehe was it me or grian tried out mumbos black screen off script scene

  9. Kitty 28

    Kitty 286 hours ago

    Oh dude this is OLD

  10. BigFatKittyKat11

    BigFatKittyKat116 hours ago


  11. Lucas

    Lucas6 hours ago

    Grian: I don’t record when it rains Also Grian: proceeds to record while it’s raining

  12. Sparksy

    Sparksy6 hours ago

    Is anyone else remembering ‘pickles, pickles on the sea floor’

  13. Rachel Kingston

    Rachel Kingston6 hours ago

    I loved all of the things u both did, they are spectacular

  14. William Ocampo

    William Ocampo6 hours ago

    "theres bees on my tunnel yo what" -rapper grian 2021

  15. Jaykofett

    Jaykofett6 hours ago

    18:42 you might need to get that checked out

  16. Brent Gee

    Brent Gee6 hours ago

    Grian is the BEST flyer on the Hermitcraft server. Change my mind.

  17. godwin gasgas

    godwin gasgas6 hours ago

    Do another one Grain cause lot has changed

  18. Blueberryhead0631

    Blueberryhead06316 hours ago

    I’ve been gone for like 30 episodes and you still have not done the end of the mansion

  19. Addisyn Stanford

    Addisyn Stanford6 hours ago

    Grian at the end: mayor for mumbo Me: IT'S MUMBO FOR MAYOR

  20. Addisyn Stanford

    Addisyn Stanford6 hours ago

    Scar's new name: wiz of chaos

  21. Seavilaki Skits n Stuff

    Seavilaki Skits n Stuff6 hours ago

    Perhaps aspects of prior HC seasons?

  22. Micah Pena

    Micah Pena6 hours ago

    you should make an arena area for the H.C.B.B.S. and make like an area for armor stand fans and make a charming soundtrack

  23. Terry Bedford

    Terry Bedford6 hours ago

    OMG 😮 that house is amazing 😉

  24. Max Clarke

    Max Clarke6 hours ago

    you should have made it like the sewer city from futurama

  25. Lewis Lewis

    Lewis Lewis6 hours ago

    I’m personally not a fan of the new cave generation, it just feels way too open for a cave, and it feels like it would be very hard to get different materials and stuff.

  26. charman281

    charman2816 hours ago

    There’s a netherite block on your fire place

  27. Nathaniel Hill

    Nathaniel Hill6 hours ago

    answer to tnt vs shovel use both

  28. Adrian N Ramos

    Adrian N Ramos6 hours ago

    The final form of the barge is God barge

  29. Da Po-ta-toe

    Da Po-ta-toe7 hours ago

    I love how grian basically called impulse buys a gift shop

  30. Just Some Gravy

    Just Some Gravy7 hours ago

    Grain: makes a victorian castle on a lake Also Grian: still calls it a barge

  31. Beans

    Beans7 hours ago

    Yeah right wait till I’m making a magna block house _Grain_

  32. Liam Skepper

    Liam Skepper7 hours ago

    Mycelium Resistance: Wins Everybody Liked That

  33. Senyoro Woim

    Senyoro Woim7 hours ago

    no one expected what he would one day bring...



    hey grian can you make a giant pioregis?

  35. Penguin

    Penguin7 hours ago

    "I can't wait to see where this all goes" The answer is to war

  36. Daryl Usher

    Daryl Usher7 hours ago

    I tried to do the Angry Lecturn and when I placed the book it blew up immediately. So I guess that was a self-prank. :(

  37. Etheldreis

    Etheldreis7 hours ago

    great job on the barge, i love it! it looks kinda like a victorian green house castle

  38. Kathia Madrid

    Kathia Madrid7 hours ago

    Why was there a vindicator while he was mining 😂

  39. OkaisO GD

    OkaisO GD7 hours ago

    I stolen your skin! >:)

  40. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay7 hours ago

    2:17 welp- not anymore

  41. Dagon_VR

    Dagon_VR7 hours ago

    Dose anyone remember the HCBBS Hermit Craft Big Brain Society

  42. Derpycows671

    Derpycows6717 hours ago

    Hermitcraft: What inspired you to build a _second_ barge right next to the first one? Grian: _Money!_

  43. Angelee Daniels

    Angelee Daniels7 hours ago

    I really like it! The only thing that doesn't really fit for me are the nice-looking courtyards and plants. In the lore, woodland mansions are dark, run down, and secluded. I don't imagine the illagers would care much about yard work XD. This build is still so amazing though!

  44. 1 JayNLeBox

    1 JayNLeBox7 hours ago

    The barge has mega evolved! And wait, you don't use torches while getting sand?

  45. Dogegunner

    Dogegunner7 hours ago

    Same voice from murdering iskal

  46. Wilbur Scoot

    Wilbur Scoot7 hours ago

    9/10 i think the forgot to make nothing under the stairs

  47. Courtney Stern

    Courtney Stern7 hours ago

    Grian to make the hermits win good but you don't lose alot make impulse make a shulker box randomizer randomly pops up different shulker boxes this way you can put good and bad stuff and its all up to luck and how much they are willing to spend also raise the price everyone's rich so it won't be a problem

  48. gracious511

    gracious5117 hours ago

    I scrolled through the comments and no one commented on how Grian was mining dirt with a pickaxe. Seriously?

  49. Ihbhvhgyby Hi yvhvu cyugy

    Ihbhvhgyby Hi yvhvu cyugy7 hours ago


  50. not heather

    not heather7 hours ago

    am i the only one utterly simping for grians laugh?

  51. charged fox

    charged fox7 hours ago

    Grian when 1.17 rolls out. 🤬🤬

  52. theTopAdventure - MégaCraft587

    theTopAdventure - MégaCraft5877 hours ago

    Wow. I forget it; 2015

  53. B0xF0xPlays

    B0xF0xPlays7 hours ago

    I wish I could fly

  54. Courtney Stern

    Courtney Stern7 hours ago

    Am I the only one that just realized that grian voice sounds like the tv reporters from those old shows and advertisements

  55. 61mekin

    61mekin7 hours ago

    2:46 why tf does this look like TEXAS

  56. Jesse Rodriguez

    Jesse Rodriguez7 hours ago

    Been catching up on HC on my girlfriends youtube profile, realized I hadn't subscribed myself. That's done now. We just watched the bells episode with impulse. Had an idea that I could never pull off. A Redstone mechanism underground, that connects to X players base on HC. Put a button in your house, that rings a bell or makes a noise in player X's house. You'd be NOWHERE near it, but would induce chaos on player X.

  57. 01TheRealShadow

    01TheRealShadow7 hours ago

    How does one join hermit craft?

  58. Julio Fernando Gudino

    Julio Fernando Gudino7 hours ago

    Why don't you at the end of the roller-coaster you put your head saying... CONGRATS YOU HAVE FINISHED GRIANS ROLLER COASTERS HOPE YOU HAD FUN. Something like that

  59. KLG

    KLG7 hours ago

    Yo it's been so long since I watched this channel I was here when it was a tiny barge

  60. Frosty 95

    Frosty 957 hours ago

    6:55 that evil laugh

  61. Animals and More

    Animals and More8 hours ago

    No the secretary

  62. Paxton Kittredge

    Paxton Kittredge8 hours ago

    Bdubs moment in the intro lol

  63. Adam PAICU

    Adam PAICU8 hours ago

    Pearl is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable

  64. 1ts GooB

    1ts GooB8 hours ago

    You could put a boat on a minecart so that the players could go faster if they'd so please.

  65. Blue Moon

    Blue Moon8 hours ago

    8:55 that was a good jump cut

  66. Will W

    Will W8 hours ago

    Tnt and shovel combo most efficient

  67. lifles

    lifles8 hours ago

    Nice vid

  68. Molly Burkholder

    Molly Burkholder8 hours ago

    come fly with me scar

  69. Mauricio Ponce

    Mauricio Ponce8 hours ago

    5:12 amogus

  70. mingdi zheng

    mingdi zheng8 hours ago

    Those who are watching this in 2030 hi

  71. Speedracerplayz

    Speedracerplayz8 hours ago

    Grian is making a lot of progress on the mansion. I love the way he did the back, it's my favorite part!

  72. Andrew Coddington

    Andrew Coddington8 hours ago

    brian’s mini games are literally the best

  73. Victoria Goswick

    Victoria Goswick8 hours ago


  74. Matthew Zhong

    Matthew Zhong8 hours ago

    Grian: “Wow this is really creative, I love this, this is what I’m talking about!” gives him a good

  75. Nic Staines

    Nic Staines8 hours ago

    I do all

  76. Yeet yeet Yeeet

    Yeet yeet Yeeet8 hours ago

    It’s so sad you lost everything

  77. Pastel Galaxis

    Pastel Galaxis8 hours ago

    i could watch the bed situation a millions times and still find it hilarious!

  78. Ronja-Louise Karma Hedberg

    Ronja-Louise Karma Hedberg8 hours ago

    I can't even remember how long I have been following Grian

  79. Katie Wawersich

    Katie Wawersich8 hours ago

    I miss the QNA sooooooooo much.....